Hunter Gatherer Forager Dreadlock Services

I am a professionally trained loctician trained via the Dreadshed Dreadlocks Australia using all natural methods of creating and maintaining dreadlocks.

I am located in the Beautiful Huon Valley in Cygnet Town until next Autumn when I will be relocating to Tasmanias North East.

My personal Journey with dreadlocks has been going on for over 17 years since I first learnt how to install box braids from women in Western Sydneys African community and later my own dreadlocks. I have gone through 3 sets of dreadlocks and since training 4 years ago I have refined my skills and learnt a superior method in dread making.

I do Box Braiding, New Dreadlock creation, Repair and maintenance, Human hair and Synthetic Extensions and temporary dreadlock extensions.

Prices start at $50 per hour and I work fast. Shoulder length dreadlocks generally take me 2-4 hours to install or 1-2 hours to maintain


Before we start i will ask you what size dreadlocks you want to end up with as sectioning in the beginning is a important part of the process. After we have chatted and I have a idea we will book in your appointment to get started.

New Dreadlocks generally need a follow up session about 6 weeks after install and then another a few months later. It is completely up to you to book these sessions when you feel you need and only the hourly rate is charged so you are not spending more than you need to.

Photos of my Dreadlock Creation

Regular pencil sized dread install Iszyinstall.jpg

Install .jpgAbove Thicker dread install


Repairs and Maintenance

I love giving existing dreadlocks some love. No matter your install method used I can always help you even if your dreadlocks are full of wax I can give you advice on how to remove it and get your dreadlocks healthy again.

Maintenance costs are by the hour and generally only take me 1-2 hours but this is just a guide if you have a huge repair job it may take longer but I am fast and meticulous!

Dread Maintenance Photos


Maintenance .jpg


Extensions and Installs

Extensions can be added to existing dreadlocks, brand new dreadlocks of temporarily braided in. They can be made from high quality Remy Human hair or Synthetic hair in Natural or any colour of the rainbow. What you choose comes down to cost and your personal preference.

Extensions are made prior to your appointment to save you time and money on the install day.

Costs for extensions does not include the install which is the general hourly rate

Full head long Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions $400

Half Head/Partials Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions $200

Full Head Synthetic Dreadlock Extension set- $250

Synthetic dreadlocks for partials, temporary, sneaky dreads $5 Each

Photos of Full head dreadlock install with Extensions

Dreadinstall Synth.jpg


Dreadinstall .jpg


Booking information

Bookings are by appointment. It is best if you book in advance as during the summer months it can get busy but if you are visiting and need some last minute love please check in as you never know if a spot is available.

If you would like to book you can reach me on

Email –

Facebook –

Mobile TEXT ONLY – 0415088473

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