Birthdays and beestings

Today we celebrated my 33rd birthday.

I didn’t feel like going out as we’ve been really busy recently and I just wanted some quiet time at home doing garden jobs.

We moved the rabbits out of the netted orchard to make it easier to move their hutches around. We are on our second litter from our black doe and I’m delighted that she’s given us two babies with Angora fur like their dad. Sadly our angora buck won’t be with us much longer as he has a tumour on his eye so it’s somewhat comforting to have black and white babies to replace him.

We had a lovely warm day on Friday and got into our hives for the spring inspection.

One of our hives is doing really well and the other is average. I can see the benefit of having two hives for comparison. It was a really good inspection quick and the bees were calm. Unfortunately hours later Dane for stung on the back of the head.

I’ve not ever been stung yet and I wonder if it’s because I’m so short I don’t get in their flight path!

Ironically today we decided to make a beesting cake for my birthday which was much proffered to the previous one of days before.

I used the recipe from The farmers kitcEn handbook by Marie Lawrence in Vermont.

I got this book when we first moved rurally 6 years ago and it’s got so many wonderful recipes in it as well as great stories of farming in Vermont and I highly recommend it if you are a cookbook collector like me.

I tweaked the recipe for our cake and used pimentos on top because I didn’t have any almonds and I used lemon zest and vanilla instead of fiori de sicilia.

Normally I’d type the recipe out for you all but I’m time poor tonight and need to get to my crochet hooks!

Happy baking

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