Contamination Pie!

We had a week disaster here yesterday when I was waiting for my dreadlock client I thought I’d check the ferments fridge up near the studio. This is basically just a fridge I use for homemade cider, sparkling wine, fermented food and excess garden produce. About a month ago I’d wrapped all the red apples off the trees in newspaper and stored them carefully in the fridge. Well a contaminate must have got in and the skins of many had a light covering of mold. Not to let anything go to waste I peeled all the apples and decided to test out the apple pie recipe in the Australian heritage cookbook I’ve got. This was the first time I’d made this recipe but I’d been eyeing it off for a while. 

The cookbook is a funny one lots of lovely pictures around Australia and it gives a good insight into Australian cooking which to be honest hasn’t always been as good as it is today! The baking recipes however are all amazing and this has become my favourite pie the pastry was lovely and crisp and perfectly balanced.

 My new favorite. If anyone would like a copy of the recipe I can photograph it to share in this post. 

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