It never rains but it pours

It never rains but it pours or so the saying goes although in our case at the moment they are all positive things that have got us thinking about our future. Not that we ever AREN’T thinking about it. In fact sometimes I wish we could just exist in the moment a bit more.

We have been living in The Huon Valley¬†Tasmania 9 months now. It is truly a special place with a loving open community, lots of culture, artists and surrounded by farms. We have not wanted for employment since we came here but unfortunately all the employment is temporary or classed as seasonal. Mr Hunter Gatherer does want to give up working in farming industries and we don’t want to stray to far from the ultimate goal of our own farm and working in the industry is a important part of learning. To stay in the valley means a longer road to buying our own. We have tried to find a long term farm rental here as a compromise but as it is a highly popular area and lifestyle they are few and far between or expensive.

Another problem with the valley is it’s one of the most expensive rural areas in Tasmania so even if you did save to buy we would likely have to buy out of the valley to get what we wanted.

We were never meant to come here. We knew we liked the area but originally we were meant to go to Northern Tas to pursue a career in Dairy but timing was off and the floods meant rentals were scarce so we came south. We don’t regret it and in fact living in town on a suburban block although convenient it is not where our hearts truly lie. We miss the animals mostly and the freedom on space and privacy. It’s also not helped with my driving as although I can drive I am a nervous driver with lots of anxiety surrounding it and having the excuse not to drive and be able to walk to town fuels that avoidance.

I’m not sure where we will end up we have options all over the state and Tasmania is truly special that way being a area rich in Agriculture where we can move all the way across the state if we choose and still be close to the friends we have made here that we could visit in a day.

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