The cold has arrived

Autumn officially hit a few weeks ago but we didn’t feel it until last Thursday when the air got a sudden bite to it and we were hit with the first frost.
We persevered a few nights but now have the fire going in the nights and morning.


Although the remaining green tomatoes survived the frost I decided to bring them in to ripen on the window or sit until I have time to make green tomato ketchup. The summer squashes gave us the signal to get them out by promptly dyeing once the frost hit. I’d been dragging out their production to the last minute not that we were sad to see them go I think everyone has had quite enough zucchini dishes!


I’ve been trying to train the kids to pick the green cabbage moth caterpillars off the plants to feed to the chickens. Unfortunately they keep wanting to keep them as pets. While I love their fascination with nature I would prefer they used them as protein for our feathered friends and didn’t release them back into the veggie patch.


My crocheting continues to evolve and we will certainly be in no short supply of warm winter woollies. I’ve been trying to get more ready for the etsy store and spinning spinning spinning but with all the preserving I’ve been doing in preparation for winter and starting to focus more on homeschooling prep there’s not been as much time as I’d like to dedicate to it.


It’s been nearly 8 months since we moved to Tasmania and we are settling in and feel very at home. Time has flown and I’m constantly blown away by the kindness and generosity of people down here from locals and ‘blow ins’ a like. Today’s example of this was a lovely couple I follow on instagram had seen my post mentioning how I’d had to give away the majority of my fowlers jars before moving to the mainland. They not only offered me some replacements but also delivered them too me throwing in a big bag of carpet wool from the sheep they milk for cheese. I’m really looking forward to spinning and dyeing it and making us a crocheted rug! I will hold myself back from my desire to learn to weave as my fibre hobby is already out of control!


Although we are not on our dream forever farm. Every day I feel we are closer to our dream and we are constantly studying, growing and fine tuning our skills so I know when we do make it we will be well prepared.

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