Christmas in Tasmania

Well we have certainly settled in well to life in Tasmania. I can scarcely believe that we moved here only 4 months ago. The children love living closer to a town and have quickly made lots of friends. This has helped us make friends also as we are fortunate enough to absolutely adore all our children’s friends parents. Meeting like-minded people is certainly good for the soul and was such a big factor in coming down here.

We do have times we miss farm life and now that we’ve gone from suburban living to farm and back to suburban living again we know for sure we want to go back to farm life eventually. For the meantime we’ll make the best of what we have and are starting to enjoy the gifts from the summer garden.

We had a lovely relaxing morning on Christmas eating delicious food and enjoying the sunshine. The children missed their grandparents but in the afternoon we went to a friend’s Christmas party where we over indulged in more delicious food and the tribes of children played beautifully. It was a wonderful day.

We’ve had lots of old friends staying With us which has meant long hours talking into the night. We were nervous at first having so many people stay as we aren’t used to it anymore but it’s turned out we had nothing to worry about and it’s been truly a blessing to spend this time with friends.

The garden is flourishing and our choice to move in winter to be ready for a summer garden was a wise one. It’s taken some time getting used to the different climate but finally our garden is producing.


I didn’t label the zucchini and squash so it’s been a mystery bag of what’s growing. They are doing well now but there’s been a bit of blossom end rot from all the uneven rain.

The rain has also been terrible for the cherry orchards who have lost most of their crop. This has put a spanner in the works for us as Mr Hunter Gatherer was due to work there but it looks like there won’t be work after all. It’s the second time the rain has affected his working but we keep on trucking and are enjoying the family time. We certainly live in the best place for adventures.

Happy holidays everyone!

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