Time for change

There’s a reason I’ve been quiet the last wee while. We have been taking stock and looking at ways we can get onto our own homestead in the next two years. We wrote a letter to grass roots magazine and have connected with some wonderful people and offered some very generous opportunities for land shares and while the options are very tempting we’ve decided they aren’t the right thing to do for our family at this time.
Being presented with these opportunities however did make us take a look at what we really wanted and needed at this time and this was for Mr Hunter Gatherer to work full time and for us to move to the area where we CAN afford to buy a homestead.
The area we chose is in Tasmania, actually there’s two areas we loved in Tasmania which are the Huon valley and Deloraine in the Meander Valley. Now we had decided where we wanted to go but thought we would give ourselves a year to get organized.
Fate has had other plans though and Mr Hunter Gatherer has been offered work near Deloraine IF we can get down there in August.
So this has cemented our choice of area and given us a much shorter time frame.


Sadly though this means we have been saying goodbye to many of our animals. We have shed tears and our hearts are broken the animals are so much a part of our life and rehoming them has been very difficult emotionally.


At first we said we would only take our two cats and the dog but we since discovered we can take chickens so zero chickens have grown to 6! We have rehomed 30 chickens but we really couldn’t part with Russell as she’s the one who started us on this journey and taught us so much. There are 9 other hens left and I can see us taking them all!


Today was the last day we got to milk Kisses Moo our Jersey cow. She and seaweed will be moving on to her their family. I feel heavy hearted but I know this is the right decision for all of us.
I’ll also have to rehome the plants as quarantine restrictions mean they can not come with us. Another hard choice as many have grown from seed.


All the fruit and meat in the freezer I have been busy canning and what’s left in the garden is being dehydrated. I feel much pride we have the skills to do this so not all of our hard work is left behind.


While we could easily find a hobby farm rental nearby to Deloraine we have decided to rent in the town. It will benefit the children to have easy access to play sessions and I’m looking forward to being surrounded by creative people and making new friends a bit more easily than living out of town.
So while I’ll really miss our lifestyle we will still be doing everything we do now just on a smaller scale and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to ‘practice’ so we know we can do it if we are lucky enough to buy our own homestead one day.
There’s also a abundance of wonderful markets all over Tasmania so I can still share my crafts and continue market stalls once we are settled.


Now all we need is a rental in Deloraine town that will allow 1 dog, two cats and 6(or maybe 9) chooks. The drive and ferry ride to Tasmania should be fun!

2 thoughts on “Time for change”

  1. Saw your ad on gumtree, and while I can’t help you with your rental search I wanted to wish you luck! We moved down two years ago, rented just outside Deloraine and checked out this area as well as the Huon as they were both very attractive spots. Ended up settling near Deloraine and haven’t regretted the move for a moment!


    1. Thanks GeoffC! We are really looking forward to joining the community down there and I’m positive the right rental will come our way soon. Maybe we will meet you in the flesh down there 😊


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