Catching up and quick pickled radishes

I’ve been forced into a partial exile of the internet. Our beloved German shorthaired pointer puppy chewed through our external phone line cable destroying our connection with the outside world bar rationed mobile phone use (so photos for this post will come later) .
This has been in part a blessing in disguise as I’ve rethought my relationship with the internet and social media, got more craft done and wasted less time. I aim to curb my social media use this year and spend more time doing family activities and using the blog as my means of sharing and communication.

We’ve just enjoyed a lovely Anzac weekend. Friday we had some well needed rain but sadly not enough for mushroom foraging our efforts this morning turned up only two milk caps in the forest. The first was eaten by gypsy (why did we get a dog again?) The second I will enjoy on toast tomorrow with the kids.

Sunday we did our beloved Tarana farmers market and met lots of new people to share our experiments with. I delight in meeting the people who will taste my creations and I hope market culture gets stronger in our area and other areas in Australia.

We as a society need to connect more with farmers and growers and understand where food comes from and how to cook it. I truly believe there is a food movement happening right now and I feel blessed to have a very small part in it. I’ve been lucky to grow up somewhat in a bubble and mostly form relationships with other people with strong passions for good food and home cooking but every now and then I meet someone who prefers take away, microwave or processed meals and thinks the way we live is weird. I’ve been reading Joel Salatins ‘folks this ain’t normal’ and I’ve realized that this disconnect from food is more common than I thought.

But I digress

After our forage today we’ve been cooking up a storm Anzac cookies, chocolate beetroot , horseradish and mascarpone brownies and pickled radishes.
Mr Hunter Gatherer has a lamb stew bubbling on the stove and I am about to start a sour dough. It certainly is weather for baking and no doubt we will have the fire going daily in a matter of weeks.

Here is the recipe i used for quick pickled radishes it’s adapted from the cornersmith recipe book which is a fabulous addition to the book shelf. I used watermelon radishes that were ready to come up but you can certainly use whatever is available.

Pickle whole or sliced.

2C white vinegar (or white wine as the original recipe says. I use white as it’s cheaper)
2 tablespoons sugar
1tsp all spice
1tsp black pepper
Bay leaf
Radishes I used 4 large golf ball sized

Wash radishes and slice if sliceing then place in jar

On medium heat pop on a saucepan. Put in sugar and vinegar stir until sugar is dissolved then add spices. Cook for 1minute then pour over radishes.
Once cool place in the fridge they should stay crunchy up to 2 weeks.

The liquid turned a beautiful pink colour and is a delight to see when you look in the fridge 😋

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