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Goodbye summer

Autumn has blown in for sure! Although the season official started weeks ago I have been enjoying the warm weather and extended growing season but two days ago a heavy frost was predicted and since it has been chilly indeed.

We decided rather than risk losing the tomatoes we would pick them all green to ripen inside.


We picked around 50kg which I plan to chop and pressure can to use in soups, stews and sauces in winter.

We have also been continuing with our Apple preserves canning more for pies , fermenting some that we will sell at market and making bucket loads of cider! The favorite we bottled last night was Maple and cinnamon Apple cider. I have found a great way of making it without the use of a juicer or press and will share the recipe in the comments if anyone would like to try it.

The zucchinis have been hit with blight. Another sign summer has ended so they have mostly been pulled up and the cauliflowers popped in to replace them.


Now it’s time to get our winter seedlings going and we have lots of new vegetables to try out. I’m looking forward to lots of Kale and I will be making lots of organic Kale powder to sell at markets this year as well as the fermented Kale pesto which is a definite favorite.


In other gardening pursuits I have managed to grow a eggplant! We were really doubtful about it due to having such a cold climate and short growing season but now I’m covering it at night and watching my little baby grow. Now one else in the family like eggplants so I don’t even have to share!

Easter is fast approaching and we will be at Tarana farmers market I’m looking forward to making delicious Easter bread at home to start our day and sharing more products with our friends and followers.

Now I’m off to snuggle up , drink a chai and enjoy grass roots magazine while I procrastinate over the housework!

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