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Market Days

The kids are in bed and I am collapsed in a exhausted heaps gorging on homemade zucchini brownies ( recipe to come next post!).
We had another wonderful day at our regular farmers market in Tarana. It’s so wonderful talking to people about our products and finding like minded folk with similar passions for foraging, preserving and gardening.

Many people today asked if we would be taking on more markets in the area. We would really like to particularly in the blue mountains where we will be able to catch up with old friends and have family support to keep the kids occupied.
We would also LOVE to do Bathurst but it is hard finding a balance with young children I feel guilty dragging them to markets and young Mr B is still demand feeding so at this stage we feel it will be too much to take on especially being the day before Tarana perhaps later in the year. For now I will just advertise pre-order and meeting in Bathurst in our monthly trips there.


I’ve been dreaming of a roadside stall for a while now and I’m hoping to make it happen soon.
We have a lot of traffic going past our house and I think it would be a great way to advertise our products and get them to a wider audience. Hopefully we can get it together by winter!

We started doing markets not only as a way to make some extra money but to share a hobby gone wild, a passion for preserving and produce and a love of old skills that are still very valuable today.

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