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Elephant Foots Bun

Hello and forgive me for being a bit lazy with the blog recently as you can imagine/know two young children are very time consuming and we currently have 3 teeth erupting on Mr Banjo and a illness with Miss Nyah so it’s been messy chaos here!

I’ve been mentally blogging and taking lots of photos of our happenings which I’ll share in another blog post this evening and this one I will dedicate to the delicious Elephants foot bun recipe by Sally Wise (you can find the original recipe and many more on her site


I actually made this ages ago when Danes mum was staying and adapted the recipe to suit some of our foraged Blackberry syrup but you can use any fresh/frozen berries or Jam. I made it as one big bun/tea cake but I’m thinking I may made them as small individual buns for our Market stall this summer when our Raspberries are back in production.

You’ll notice in the recipe I have used salted butter. I do this in all my baking instead of adding extra salt I find it saves a tiny bit of time and still tastes just as good not to mention salted butter is generally cheaper!

Elephant’s Foot Blackberry Bun


500g plain flour

5 teaspoons dried yeast

1 tablespoon sugar

60g melted butter salted

1 cup warm milk

2 eggs, lightly beaten (I use Duck eggs)

200g apples, peeled and diced

1/2 Cup Blackberry Syrup or 100g Berry of choice

2 to 3 teaspoons cornflour, optional

Sugar to taste

1 beaten egg for brushing (Milk or water could also be used)

For the icing

2 cups icing sugar

2 teaspoons butter, softened

 about 2 tablespoons berry juice or 1 tablespoon syrup

2 tablespoons desiccated coconut ( I chose not to use this in the icing)

1.Mix together the flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a large bowl, then make a well in the centre and pour in the butter and milk.  Mix well to form a soft dough, adding a little more milk if necessary, then cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave in a warm place until about doubled in size (about 1 hour).

2. Place the apple and Berry syrup/Berries in a saucepan over low heat and simmer until the apple is soft.  Sweeten the mixture to taste (not needed if using syrup you could even use Jam) .  If needed, thicken the mixture with the cornflour mixed to a paste with about one tablespoon cold water.

3.Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and cut off three small (half walnut sized) pieces.  With the remaining part, roll out into a circle the size of a dinner plate.  Brush the edges with a little of the extra beaten egg (or milk or water), then place the cooled fruit mixture in the centre.

4.Brush the edges of the large piece with the egg/milk or water, then gather up the edges and press well together, then turn over with the seams to the bottom, making in effect a  circular parcel.

5.Place on a baking paper lined baking tray(cookie sheet), seam side down.  Brush all over with beaten egg or milk.    Roll the three small pieces of dough into balls and attach on one edge of the parcel (these represent the elephant’s toes).  Brush these with egg.

6.Allow to rise (covered with a tea towel) for 20 minutes.  Bake at 200 degrees C for 10 minutes, then reduce temperature to 160 degrees and cook for 15 minutes more or until golden brown.  Cool on a wire rack.

7.To make the icing, mix together the icing sugar, butter and enough boiling water or mulberry juice to make a smooth spreading consistency.  Spread over cooled bun and sprinkle with the coconut.

YUM! IMG_4346

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