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We’re still here!

I must apologize as I have been a bit lazy with the blog. We had no internet for a week after a big lightening storm. This is the third time we’ve had this problem in this house as is common in old cottages.  It has been at the back of my mind to post since it got switched back on but I have not found the motivation. Instead I have been focusing my time on Miss N who has just turned 3 and getting ready for my winter hibernation period.


I have also been reflecting on how lucky we are in our particular patch. Many people would love to be in a rental such as this. Recently Miss N , B and I went for a walk around our street and I really took in the beauty of our area.


At the moment we are harvesting our big beautiful purple Cauliflower this is our first one but we are getting some nice tight heads on the others which is great.


Some I am planning on freezing but mostly we are harvesting as we eat which is what I prefer to do.

We are also getting lots of chinese , savoy and mini cabbages that I have been sharing with the animals as we have far far too much.

The kale is also thriving which is great as Miss N LOVES kale.

Presently I am sitting with the fire roaring waiting for the predicted snow to fall and listening to Kisses Moo moo mooing as we are starting to “dry her off” I am very sad that we will no longer be getting her delicious milk and making cheese but as the winter sets in and we don’t have a milking area it’s getting harder for D to go out and Milk her and we would like to give her a decent break.

I will be back with some recipes soon and I promise to make a bit more effort to post weekly.

Bye for now!

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