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Milk Bottle Greenhouse

The task at hand this week is to use all our old milk bottles we have been hoarding into a greenhouse – I’ll update this post with our progress once we start but for now sit back and enjoy the tale of how we came to the decision to do this.

Before we started milking Kisses moo we would go through a huge amount of milk probably about 6 litres a week and at this stage we were just two adults and a toddler (who seemed to consume the most!!)

As we are out of town we do not get town rubbish collection and instead have to take our rubbish to the dump. Recycling is free and we don’t create much “waste” the way we live but we dislike driving to the dump the amount we were creating milk bottle waste. I was feeling guilty looking at the ever growing pile of plastic bottles and started researching different ways I could recycle them at home.

I made a Plastic Bag holder such as this one


not the prettiest but hey it does the job

I also made some watering cans like this one


but that only took care of a few bottles. I needed something bigger and then I stumbled upon these!

bottlehouse2 greenhouse house

Ours won’t be as elaborate as these but it’s incredible what can be achieved using “rubbish”

We are planning on using a frame of a old broken greenhouse the type that you get cheaply from bunnings or ebay that come with the plastic cover. We will be using the milk bottles to build around this. My hope is that this should use all of our remaining plastic bottles as we no longer buy milk now we milk our Jersey.

Stay tuned for our progress!

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